• Tape Measure

  • Pencil

  • Order Form

Unit Information

Complete this information on your order form to prepare the unit for ordering.

A. Project Name is the name of the community being renovated.
B. P.O. Number is your Purchase Order Number, if you want it shown on the invoice. It is optional.
C. Unit # is the specific unit being renovated in the apartment complex.
D. Unit Type will make it easy for you to order parts for another unit/apartment of the same type.


Select Door Style and Color and these will be your default choices. You can change this selection in
advanced options.


Select Pull Color, Style and Size and these will be your default choices. You can change this selection
in advanced options.


A. Select Cabinet Construction (Framed vs Frameless) to determine proper hinge selection.

B. Select Hinge Overlay (Framed cabinets only) this is the amount that the door overlaps the wooden frame of the cabinet on the hinge side. To determine the overlay of the doors that you will be replacing, measure the door width then measure the opening width behind the door on a single-door cabinet. Subtract the cabinet opening width from the door width and divide by 2. This is your Hinge Overlay.

  • A. Framed vs. Frameless Guide

  • B. Hinge Overlay Guide

C. Select Hinge Type

  • Soft-Close, Hidden Hinges are top-of-the-line hinges that provide a luxurious, near-silent close and
    are 6-way adjustable. The soft-close mechanism can be switched on and off. They feature a lifetime
  • Standard, Hidden Hinges are good quality, self-closing, 6-way adjustable hinges. They are not
    visible when the door is closed.

D. Fill in the specific part information (lightly shaded sections are required)

Unless you have considerable experience with cabinet making or refacing; we suggest that you replace
the doors in your kitchen or bathroom with new doors of the same size.

  • Line Item numbers will be printed on the label of each item ordered. If you measure the parts in
    the unit in order (for example: left to right around the kitchen), it will be easy to distribute the parts
    in the same order.
  • Label Notes can include anything you want printed on the part label, up to 19 characters. They are
    often used to record the part location (example, kitchen stove wall, kitchen sink wall, sink base,
    refrigerator cab, master bath, bath 2, etc.). This is especially helpful if the person who measured is
    not also installing the part.
  • Part Type includes Doors, Drawer Front, Inside Corner Cabinet, False Front, Decorative Panel,
    Hamper Front and 1/4" Panel. This information lets us drill for hinges in the right places and calculate
    how many hinges, pulls, and false front brackets you need for your job.
  • Width and Height Provide the Width and Height in inches. Measure all parts to the nearest 1/16” or 3 decimal places.
  • Slab Doors only Information is needed to pre-drill for your pulls. We will need to know two items
    about your slab door. 1) Hinge Location: for this specific door, will the hinge be on the Left (L) or
    Right (R)? 2) Cabinet Location: for this specific door, is it an upper (Up) or Lower (Low) cabinet?
  • Quantity allows you to order multiple items of same size. Be sure to measure all doors even if they
    appear to be the same size.
  • Other Notes provides a place to write down ordering instructions for any particular part. For
    example, if you want to order a different color, style, pull, or hinge replacement.

E. Double Checks

  • Make sure you didn’t miss any parts. Walk back through the unit and count the total number of
    doors and drawer fronts required. Make sure that the total quantity of parts ordered matches the
    number of parts you need. Remember to check all the bathrooms, utility rooms and other areas.
  • Double check your measurements. Look for patterns. Investigate anything that looks unusual.
    Base cabinet doors are generally all the same height, as are vanity cabinets and standard wall
    cabinets. Widths generally vary by 3” at a time. On a base cabinet, the doors and drawer fronts have
    the same width.

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